How To Eat Sushi



 "Sushi" is very popular in New York now. There are so many Sushi restaurant by not only Japanese but also Korean and Chinese. We can see different sushi from Japanese traditional sushi. That is fine. I'd like to show to "How To Eat Sushi." This is only basic and I don't want to say too much.


 I ordered a lunch box of sushi for a delivery. I picked a sushi restaurant by Japanese. They gave me 7 pieces of sushi, one roll, wasabi and gari (ginger).

 Traditional way for roll is one with "sea weed outside". This restaurant gave me a roll with "rice outside". Japanese made this style in USA. I accept this style now...


 But they did not give me a "murachoko", small plate for soy sauce. I used my own small bawl for it. Do not use to much soy sauce. Little soy sauce is much better. Too much sauce sometimes breaks sushi when we dip sushi in sauce.


 Too much soy sauce!!! Again. Don't do this!


 I sometimes see people dip sushi in soy sauce with wasabi. This is NOT Japanese style. Please don't do this.

 We japanese sometimes do like this for sashimi. I do not do this way for both sushi and sashimi.


 Wasabi must be between fish and rice. Again, not with soy sauce. We order "SABI NUKI" if we don't like wasabi. Many sushi restaurants serve sushi without wasabi in New York. This restaurant served sushi without wasabi. This is sad...


 I always want to use my hand to have sushi. This is a traditional way.


 We often use chop sticks to have sushi. However, some people say it is better to dip fish side in soy sauce.


 This is very weird for Japanese. We usually don't eat ginger with soy sauce.


 Therefore, please be careful with soy sauce and wasabi. Plus sushi vinegar must be with rice. Vinegar and wasabi kill bacteria. Non-cooked fishes are used for sushi. We must be careful.


 We sometimes find this in front of sushi restaurant, but it is very strange for Japanese. This kind of stuff is usually for yakitori restaurant and so on. Definitely not for sushi restaurant. If you see this, this restaurant is by Korean or Chinese.



Dr. Robert