Zurich, Swizerland (チューリヒ・スイス)



     I posted on Facebook in the summer, 2017"I'm going to "Europe." And my Italian friend who was in NYC about ten years ago answered me. She said she was in Zurich.



 We made an appointment at Zurich Central Station at noon. I visited in Zurich for a few hours when I went to Turkey to chagne a flight.


 Limmat River(リマト川)。


 聖ペーター教会。Kirche St. Peter.


 左が聖母聖堂、右が 聖ペーター教会。The Left tower is Fraumunster and the right tower is Kirche St. Peter.



 この3つは聖母聖堂。These three photos are Fraumunster.




 大聖堂とハンスヴァルトマン像。Grossmunster and Hans Vartmann Statue.



 Lake Zurich. You can see a lot of people in summer. There is a FIFA's office on the lakeshore.




 We had a lunch at this restaurant on the street.



 This is domestic Swiss beer. My friend said It had been very hot before I arrived in Swizerland. Not many homes and offices have AC, so many offices were closed. It was not so hot this day, but drinking beer was excellent on this kind of day.


 典型的なスイス料理ということで、GESCHNETZELTES KALBSFILET “ZÜRCHER ART“ MIT RÖSTI を頼んだ(はず)。仔牛のフィレ チューリヒ・スタイル。マッシュルームクリームソースとロスティ。結構美味しかった。

 I chose a typical Swizz dish "GESCHNETZELTES KALBSFILET “ZÜRCHER ART“ MIT RÖSTI " (Filet of Veal “Zurich Style” with Mushroom Cream Sauce and Rösti). This was delicious and very good for me.



 This is Rosti. She said this was a very typical Swiss food. People usually have this for breakfast. 


 This restaurant was great!

 websiteはこちら。  Their website ishere



 I hadn't seen her for ten years, but she was the same as before. She got a new job after this and she said she was happy. Grazie Silvia. See you somewhere in the world. She is travelling a lot. We can meet somewhere!

 Special Thanks to Silvia, Amico Mio!


Dr. Robert