Jacksonville Beach (ジャクソンビルビーチ・フロリダ)



 My Spanish friend came to Jacksonville, Florida for his job. He visited in NYC to meet his friends and me. I visited him after that. I has been to all over the world for his job. This is very good for him. I wish I became like him.


 1泊目は私は隣町のJacksonville Beachへ。シーズンオフで泳げないし、観光客もほとんどいない。  

 I went to Jacksonville beach at first night. It was off season and I couldn't swim in the beach. There was almost nobody for soghtseeing.


 でも、ビーチは綺麗。Beautiful beach!


 ただ街をプラプラ。I just walked around the town.



 This is the hotel for my first night. I visited emy friend's apartment for second night. His apartment is much bigger than mine in NYC and he had a swimming pool.



 1日目の夜、友人が合流し、友人お勧めのシーフードレストランへ。名前はJOE'S CRAB SHACK。

 My friend came to Jacksonville Beach to join me at my first night. We went to a famous seafood restaurant. The name is "JOE'S CRAB SHACK."



 We tried restaurant's original cocktail. I forgot the name, but it was good.


 アペタイザーに"Crispy Calamari with marinara"。クリスピーなイカのフライ。アメリカ人はフライの場合、クリスピーなのが好き。天ぷらもさくっではなくてクリスピーになってしまう。でもここのはまずまず美味しかった。Marinaraとはトマトベースにニンニク、ハーブ、玉ねぎを加えたもの。上に見える赤いソース。まあ美味い。

 We ordered "Crispy Calamari with marinara" for appetizer. They were crispy and taste good. American people usually like crispy fries, like this food. Marinara includes Tomato, garlic, harb and onion. You can see Marinara on the top of the photo.


 STEAMPOTS。CAJUNと迷ったがJOE'S CLASSICに。Dungeness crab、Sweet snow crab、Shrimpにソーセージまで。美味い。かなり。日本でもこういう料理が流行っているというのをテレビで見た。コーンとじゃがいももつく。量が多いし、美味い。凄い。

 STEAMPOTS. Both Cajun and JOE's classic sound good for me and I usually like spicy foods. However, we tried JOE's classic this time. This included dungeness crab, sweet snow crab, shrimp and sausage. This was served with corn and potato. It was very good and tasty, but the portion was very big.


 暗くなった後の入り口。広いレストラン。This is the entrance and the restaurant was very large.


 レストランの前の広場。この後バーへ。もう懐かしい思い出。This is a photo of the park in fron of the restaurant. We went to a bar to drink more after here.


 websiteはこちら。 This is their website.

 Special Thanks to Enrique Debran, Mi Amigo!


Dr. Robert